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PDI M24 with H-S Precision stock and King Arms scope

/ VSR-10 / M700 / M24 / M28 / M40

Myyjä: Atom Airsoft Oy

Tuotekoodi: C3807



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VSR-10 / M700 / M24 / M28 / M40


Airsoft aseet


Model number: #53 (of 100 pcs)

This is a rare, over 15 years old PDI M24 which has been produced only 100 pieces. There isn't much information on the internet about this model. We found the only data sheet about the newer version of this old model. Biggest difference between this rare item and M24 Commercial Version is the stock which is Classic Army on the Commercial Version. This item has been modified from real steel M24 stock.
PDI M24 hop-up chamber
PDI M24 trigger set
PDI Palsonite cylinder set
PDI 6,01 steel tightbore inner barrel
PDI onepiece outerbarrel and lock body
H-S Precision M700 stock

Link to old data sheet (M24 Commercial Ver.): http://www.x-fire.org/m24/e.m24commercial_complete.html?fbclid=IwAR1aDMJr0EXaV-TJYgbTlD0FcY3v-YofvICx2ClGjIx-b925bPEIJPWqbzY

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